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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Each month a hand-picked selection of six sensational world beers will arrive at your door in a beautifully crafted Brewbox. Simple as that! What’s not to love?

Ninety-nine bottles of beer…

We taste hundreds of beers each month (it’s thirsty work) and select the standouts for our Brewboxes. We are looking for beers with great flavour, beers of different styles (including some obscurities like sours or fruit beers), beers from far-flung places. At DiscoverBrew we seek out suds that have a story to tell, beers that have character and real personality.

Anything Else?

You bet! To enhance your appreciation of these rare nectars we create exclusive videos for each one where Conor, your Brewmellier, talks you through each featured beer, about what makes them special, with tasting notes and much more. From Brettanomyces yeasts and ‘floor-malting’ to cans as mini kegs, we give you the knowledge to astonish your mates. You want to know which beer is brewed by Robert Plant’s son or which is named after a Pixies song? We’ve got you covered. All you need to do is point your phone at the QR code on the box or go to to see our exclusive BrewCast videos.

What’s the BrewBox Like?

It’s a thing of beauty! Each month we choose an interesting or arresting image as our cover star. Typically these images are vintage and beer related, sometimes it’s just something we think is cool. Either way, it’ll be a real wrench to put these things in the recycling bin!

Can I Pick What Type of Beer I Like?

In a word no, that’s not how this works. We want people to discover great new beers and we’re the guys to guide you! You may think you don’t like certain styles but maybe you just haven’t met the right one yet. We’re here to help you surprise yourself and broaden those horizons. We love it when that happens. Trust us – we’ll see you right!

Anything Else to Know?

DiscoverBrew is a subscription service. When you subscribe your card is immediately billed for the total cost of the number of months subscribed.
Typically subscribing in a calendar month means you’ll receive the first box around the 21st of the following calendar month.
Brewboxes are then sent each month to arrive around the 21st of the month for the duration of the subscription period.

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