What’s not to like?

Now I’m a guy who likes a beer – but like lots of people out there I wanted to make the move from mass-produced, industrial beers to something with a bit more character. But I found it tough, there’s a lot of craft beer on the shelves but which ones to choose? If only there was someone to help guide me through this maze and turn me on to the great ones… So I turned to Paul, an old buddy since our school days. He owns an off-licence and he knows his stuff. What about everybody else? Could we do this, introduce interesting beers to people, package them beautifully and deliver it to their doors? Could we share the knowledge about each beer, about the brewers, explain how they’re made and offer tasting notes in exclusive Brewcast videos? Yes, we can! And so, DiscoverBrew was born…

Stephen – August 2018

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