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BrewBox 003

BrewBox 003

BrewBox 003 is packed with great tasting beers from around the world. We start with the great taste of American Pale Ale The Chancer by Irish brewers O Brother.Next up is juicy IPA Faith by Leeds based powerhouse Northern Monk. It’s old school Belgian next with Delerium Tremens, a classic strong blonde ale in a cool white bottle with a pink elephant!
New world and Spain next with Cerdos Voladores or flying pigs by the Barcelona Beer Company and then to cooler climes with fresh, crisp Scandinavian masterpiece the Arctic Ale by Einstock from Iceland. We finish off with Vermont Session IPA Dutty from Welsh brewer Tiny Rebel.
Our cover star this month is a striking image of First Viscount Duncan by Henri-Pierre Danloux. Keep exploring beer lovers!

BrewBox 002 - DiscoverBrew


First Viscount Duncan by Henri – Pierre Danloux

Every month we choose and arresting, beautiful and interesting image to feature as our cover star. This time out we honour exploration and discovery with a striking portrait of Adam Duncan a British admiral who defeated the Dutch off the coast of Holland in 1797. This image is as heroic as the admiral himself was by all accounts! We think his spirit of exploration and discovery mirrors the beers in this months’s box from England, Ireland, Wales and Belgium to sunny Spain and cool Iceland. Now that’s a journey worth taking!


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